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Ubuntu Tip #1: Dual Head on ATI Radeon

January 2, 2008

After getting confused reading the dual monitor post at Ubuntu Forums, I had almost given up enabling it on my dekstop. Then I saw this most simple set of instructions at Gouki’s web site and it worked just great.

The instructions are very simple

  1. sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.backup
  2. sudo aticonfig --initial
  3. sudo aticonfig --initial=dual-head --screen-layout=left
  4. (Restart X by Ctrl-Alt-Backspace)
  5. sudo aticonfig --dtop=horizontal
  6. (Restart X by Ctrl-Alt-Backspace)

Emacs Tip #2: ido-mode

January 2, 2008

In Emacs if you want to open a file you would type C-x C-f and the Find File would appear in the mini buffer like thisido-1.png

Following this you have to type the name of the file you want to open. Since the general Unix and Emacs policy is to type as little as possible, there is a package available in standard Emacs which will make your life a lot easier.

The package is called ido-mode and can be enabled by the following steps.

  1. Type M-x customize-variable <RET> ido-mode <RET>ido-2.png
  2. Move the cursor to the Value Menu and hit returnido-3.png
  3. Select 2 from the options and move the cursor over to “Save for Future Sessions” and hit return. This will persist the changes in your ~/.emacs file.
  4. ido-4.png

  5. Now go back and try to open a file. You will see that all the available files in that directory are listed in the mini buffer.ido-5.png
  6. To select cgi-bin, all you need is type the letters cg and hit return.
  7. You can use ido-mode while switching buffers as well. Type C-x C-b and you will see all the buffers listed and you can jump to any of them by typing few characters in the name and hitting return.ido-7.png